May 2, 2024, 9:00-23:00
[doors close at 19:00]

Talk program 2024

This year, we introduce an addition to our main stage: Silent Stage. Here, you can don noise-cancelling headphones and immerse yourself in talks where we geek out on topics such as materials, tactility, acoustics, colors, and light design. Main Stage is moderated by Ane Cortzen and Silent Stage by Steffen Max Høgh.

Stay tuned for further program updates.


Jan Gehl & Ane Cortzen
Architecture for the Future:
Urban Spaces, Quality of Life, and People
[in Danish]

11.00 – 11.45
Main Stage

“Start with life and wait with the houses.” This mantra belongs to star architect Jan Gehl and constitutes the core of his work over the past six decades. Drawing from 40 years of urban life research at the School of Architecture, Gehl has enhanced the quality of life and surroundings for millions of people in city spaces worldwide.

Step into Jan Gehl’s world through a conversation with Ane Cortzen, where they delve into Gehl’s life and groundbreaking career. The discussion also sheds light on Gehl’s vision for the cities of the future and the elements they should encompass.

Jan Gehl and Ane Cortzen are currently featured in the Danish program series “Master of the Cities,” where Cortzen follows in Gehl’s footsteps and experiences how his influence has shaped cities worldwide. It’s a journey through the heart and soul of cities, telling the story of change and human connection.


Malte Gormsen & Steffen Max Høgh
Crafting sustainability: Redefining responsibility for a future with quality craftsmanship
[in Danish]

11.30 – 12.00
Silent Stage

Based on responsible consumption, master cabinetmaker Malte Gormsen and sustainability expert Steffen Max Høgh discuss how furniture design and the dilemma between price and craftsmanship quality can be resolved. What responsibility do consumers and businesses bear, and what attitudes and actions need to be redefined to fit into a sustainable future that also allows space for smaller suppliers of genuine craftsmanship and high quality?

Andreas Gylling1-1

Andreas Gylling
Diversity and Inclusion – Make Us All Better
[in Danish]

12.00 – 12.45
Main Stage

Diversity and inclusion are on everyone’s minds these days, especially when it comes to workplace well-being, recruitment, and talent retention. Most people embrace the idea of diversity, but beneath the surface, doubts can creep in: How do we get it right? Are we saying the wrong things? And perhaps even: It’s all well and good, but let’s not forget the core tasks!

In an entertaining and thought-provoking talk, Andreas Gylling Æbelø delves into the trends and steps directly into the open office landscape. He tackles the tough questions and the practical realities, doing so with an extended hand rather than an accusing finger.


Josephine Akvama Hoffmeyer & Signe Bindslev Henriksen
The potential in colors, texture, and tactility
[in Danish]

12.15 – 12.45
Silent Stage

Colors are not just surfaces. Colors are light. Colors are texture. Colors influence people’s perception of a space, the perception of a mood, and the function of a place. Colors create new spaces and have an impact on well-being, emotions, and relationships between us humans. Listen to Josephine Akvama Hoffmeyer, Creative Director at File Under Pop, and Signe Bindslev Henriksen, Partner and Architect at Space Copenhagen, talk about their approach to surface design in private and public spaces, where they actively work with colors and tactility to create thoughtful and sustainable solutions.

Finnur Pind 1-1

Finnur Pind
Virtual acoustics:
Incorporating sound into the design process

13.00 – 13.30
Silent Stage

Being a dedicated music enthusiast from an early age, Finnur Pind naturally transitioned from playing music to diving into the realm of acoustics engineering. His journey led him to pursue a Ph.D. in the field and founding one of the fastest growing audio tech startups in the world: Treble Technologies. The Treble platform enables designers, architects and engineers to easily incorporate acoustics into their design process. The software seamlessly connects with industry standard design tools and has the capability to analyze acoustic environments, pinpoint areas of concern, and generate a virtual listening experience of a given design. Making sound a design driver in the process, instead of an afterthought.

Finnur will take us through the potential applications of Treble and provide a demonstration of how acoustic designs translate into experiences.

Steere + Weiss 1-1

Jason Steere & Henning Weiss
Putting the social in Hospitality

13.00 – 13.45
Main Stage

In the pursuit of togetherness, communities centered around shared beliefs and values individuals are emerging. This concept of value-based communities has spurred the rise of hybrid hospitality models tailored to various demographics such as student housing and young professionals. Additionally, there’s a growing emphasis on inter-generational hospitality concepts that challenge conventional notions of aging. Jason Steere and Henning Weiss both champion this vision, albeit with distinct target groups: Henning focusing on senior housing in his work with The Embassies, while Jason and The Social Hub caters to millennials and young professionals.

Lene Becker1-1

Lene Becker Bang
Design for Mental Well-being:
Puzzles, Kittens, and Grandma’s Rocking Chair

14.30 – 15.00
Silent Stage

Job satisfaction is crucial for a company to achieve its strategic goals. Numerous studies show a direct correlation between job satisfaction, motivation, and engagement. We become more productive. We become more creative and innovative. We share our knowledge with colleagues to a greater extent and have a greater desire to participate in the company’s community.

But our physical surroundings also have a significant impact on our mental well-being. Loneliness and discontentment characterize the statistics – but by thinking in terms of ‘good spaces for your brain at work’, we can all have a better workday. In this presentation, Lene Becker Bang discusses five ‘brain spaces’, why they are important, what happens in our minds – and how we can specifically design for more inclusive work and learning environments for us all: introverts and extroverts, neurodiverse individuals, millennials and seniors, for both concentration and collaboration, play and movement.


Johannes Torpe
The Bold Frontier of Creative Expression

15.00 – 15.45
Main Stage

Johannes Torpe: a multifaceted force in design, music, leadership, and visionary thinking. Whether crafting captivating hotel atmospheres, pioneering dining experiences, designing the future trains of Denmark, bringing Bang & Olufsen back to life or shaping sensory-rich retail environments for top-tier brands, Torpe consistently champions unconventional design paradigms. His studio has been called unconventional on more than one occasion and wears this with pride. Dive into the narrative of Johannes Torpe’s design philosophy and discover how he seamlessly integrates it into impactful projects across the globe in this keynote.

Nikoline-Helle 1-1

Nikoline Dyrup Carlsen & Helle Mardahl
When art meets functionality: Engaging the Senses
[in Danish]

15.15 – 15.45
Silent Stage

Meet Nikoline Dyrup Carlsen and Helle Mardahl for a talk about taking a multidisciplinary, honest, and playful approach to aesthetics where art meets function. Nikoline from Spacon & X, and Helle with Helle Mardahl Studio, dig into their design philosophies which integrate spaces, objects, furniture, and experiences to engage the senses. While rooted in Nordic heritage, both approaches offer fresh interpretations of aesthetics. Spacon & X embraces an experimental yet detail-oriented style, while Helle Mardahl Studio embodies a dreaminess in a magical universe in the tension between function and art.

Jesper Kongshaug1-1

Jesper Kongshaug
The Power of Light: Staging Architecture
[in Danish]

16.00 – 16.30
Silent Stage

What significance does light hold in the staging of architecture?

This is a question Jesper Kongshaug has been exploring for many years, leveraging his skills from the theater scene when designing award-winning lighting for major architectural projects. His approach to lighting design is both artistic and experimental, and he has been behind the lighting designs for venues such as the Royal Danish Playhouse, Tivoli Gardens, Amager Bakke, and he also serves as the chairman of the Copenhagen Light Festival.

Listen to Jesper talk about how he works to stage nature, urban spaces, architecture, and interiors through evocative lighting setups.

Niklas Madsen - 1-1

Niklas Madsen
Disruptive Future – A World in Constant Change!

16.00 – 16.45
Main Stage

Many things that seem obvious in our world today were, not so long ago, considered crazy. Today, we work, socialize, meet partners, and plan our lives in radically different ways than we used to. In this talk, we philosophize about this hazy, fickle, and fast-approaching future. Together with Niklas Madsen, we will dive headfirst into the connections between the psychological, physiological, and digital worlds of our time. A new disruptive world is already here.

Food and Drink

All day long, you can treat yourself to something tasty from the food tents in the (hopefully) sunny garden.

Whether you prefer cappuccino, flat white, latte macchiato or a double-shot espresso, a team of talented baristas will be ready to serve you from their coffee trucks throughout Lokomotivværkstedet.

Mad og drikke i haven 1

Social Foodies

Social Foodies is a values-driven company with the goal of fighting inequality in the global food chains. They will be serving high-quality delicious treats made using ingredients sourced with a commitment to social sustainability.

Social Foodies 2

Kofoeds School

Kofoeds School provides help for self-help to socially vulnerable and unemployed people. This has been the school’s ambition since 1928, and today it operates branches in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Aalborg and Nuuk in Greenland.

At TRENDS & TRADITIONS, the students of Kofoeds School will be offering samples of homemade apple juice and honey.


People Like Us

People Like Us is a Danish brewing company with a social agenda. The company was founded by two brothers, Lars and Jesper Carlsen, in 2016, and is run by people from socially marginalized groups. Stating that boxes are for beer, not for people, People Like Us believe that society cannot afford to exclude those who do not fit into the standardized job market boxes.

People Like us prove that you can run a for-profit company while making social impact – and, of course, while making wonderful beer, which you will get to sample at this year’s Trends & Traditions.


Blind Coffee

Blind Coffee is a company that combines excellent coffee, social responsibility, and a focus on societal challenges. Their mission extends beyond delivering delicious coffee; it’s about making a positive difference. This commitment applies to both coffee enthusiasts who appreciate an outstanding cup of coffee and individuals with visual impairments. Blind Coffee creates job opportunities for people with visual disabilities, aiming to help them achieve a normal social life and a fulfilling work life.


Bus towards and from Lokomotivværkstedet May 2, 2024

Registration for bus seats is now closed for 2024. For those who have registrered for a bus seat, find details below:

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  • 6:30 Departure from Aarhus
    Thomas Jensens Allé 2, 8000 Aarhus C, at the bus stops
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    Dyrskuepladsen, Hattingvej 6, 8700 Horsens
  • 7:45 Departure from Middelfart
    At Jyllandsvej 101, 5500 Middelfart, at the parking spaces for large vehicles
  • 8:30 Departure from Odense
    Svendborgvej 102, 5260 Odense S, at the bus bay just before the roundabout
  • 10:30 Arrival at Lokomotivværkstedet

Return departures to Fyn and Jylland at 18:30

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  • 20:30 Arrival in Odense
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