How do we mobilize architecture, spaces, furniture, and design to engage people in a world of fast-paced change? Engagement boosts well-being and well-being boosts performance, but the passion doesn’t come out of nowhere. We have to break with decision-maker, cultural and architectural conventions to fire up true engagement.


2022/05/05 10:00:00

May 5, 2022

Lokomotivværkstedet, Otto busses vej 5A, 2450 Copenhagen SV

TALKS 2022


Ane Cortzen

11:00-11:15 am / Talk stage opens

Welcoming remarks and introduction to this year’s theme – Engaging People – by moderator Ane Cortzen.

Morten Albæk

11:15-12:00 am / The meaningful life

How do you create a meaningful life? Morten Albæk, philosopher and executive, has long worked on the question of why Danes, as one of the world’s most prosperous and happy peoples, continue to struggle with mental health.

Morten challenges the concept of “work-life balance” and the idea that a more distinct separation between work and free time can solve the problem. It is an illusion that our lives can be divvied up into a work life and a personal life. Morten gives his take on how we can create a meaningful life. The talk is moderated by Ane Cortzen.

Karsten Uldal

Caroline Hart Sehested

12:15-01:00 pm / Tomorrow’s labor market

We are in a time of upheaval, where the hybrid work life is raising questions about how we can maintain a strong corporate culture and continue making it appealing for employees to come to the workplace.

Karsten Uldal, CEO Crossforce, debates with Caroline Hart Sehested, Founder & CEO Both Caroline and Karsten have extensive experience in management and skills/talent development, and they share a great interest in following the latest developments in these fields. The talk is moderated by Steffen Max Høgh.

Simon Elsborg Nygaard

Rune Sanggård Andersen

01:15-02:00 pm / Engaging spaces

What is engagement and how can we use space and design to create engagement among employees with physical surroundings that support our well-being? In The LEGO Group, an entire engagement team works to find the right solutions to these questions.

Theory and practice meet in this talk, where Simon Elsborg Nygaard, occupational psychologist and PhD in sustainability psychology from Aarhus University and Rune Sanggård Andersen, Senior Design and Program Manager The LEGO Group, discuss scientific angles and best practices for creating environments in the work place that are conducive to well-being. The talk is moderated by Ane Cortzen.

Jakob Lange

02:15-03:00 pm / Reaching for the stars

Hard-to-reach goals – also known as moonshot goals – foster engagement and interest. BIG has taken the “moonshot” part literally with their Project Olympus – the first permanent construction project in human history located off Earth.

Jakob Lange, partner at BIG, talks about this extraordinary project and how BIG, as one of the world’s leading architectural firms, is working with moonshot goals and continues to set new ambitions for employees and the company. The talk is moderated by Ane Cortzen.

Wickie Meier Engström

Kasper Guldager Jensen

03:15-04:00 pm / A material world

In a world where our way of life and production methods are not sustainable, we must find better ways to utilize resources. This also goes for the use of materials in the furniture industry. But how do you work on developing new materials with a focus on resource optimization? And perhaps even more importantly: how do we engage consumers and producers to embrace new materials?

Wickie Meier Engström, CEO Really, and Kasper Guldager Jensen, Co-founder, will discuss these questions and more, drawing on their knowledge and expertise in materials, upcycling and circular economy. The talk is moderated by Steffen Max Høgh.

Mikkel Lyngbo Nielsen

Anders Krøyer

04:15-05:00 pm / The physical space goes virtual

Technology is giving us new opportunities to create a sense of togetherness and culture in a hybrid everyday life. Imagine having your own avatar to meet with colleagues in the virtual workplace from your home office – or using virtual reality from a distance to conduct a meeting in the same space.

Mikkel Lyngbo Nielsen, VP, Chief Real Estate Officer and Global Head of Real Estate Ericsson, and Anders Krøyer, CGO and Partner CopenX, will cover these themes in a riveting, in-depth discussion about the possibilities – and practical implementation – of technology in large companies. The talk is moderated by Ane Cortzen.


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