The theme of Trends & Traditions 2020 is Mixed Use.

We will be spotlighting ways for designing better products, services and construction projects to meet the varying needs of more users.

The concepts of co-working and co-living are gaining ground. We want surroundings where we can be physically social. At the same time, we want to minimize our environmental footprint – for instance by optimizing how we use both buildings and furnishings.

We demand more from the products and facilities that we use and surround ourselves with.

It should be possible to utilize buildings for different purposes. We should be able to break furniture down into its component parts and recycle it so that more users can benefit from it. The common denominator is bringing people together – formally and informally – in a sustainable way.

Examples of Mixed Use:

• An office building that houses non-work-related activities from 9 to 5
• A canteen that is also used as a restaurant and events venue
• A school that becomes a meeting place for the local community
• A hospital that isn’t just for patients and healthcare professionals, but also serves as a covered main street for shoppers, with a library, café and shops
• A hotel that invites non-guests to use its restaurant facilities Collaboration with regional health services to create a patient hotel that also serves as a community center

We are looking forward to presenting a wide range of perspectives on and experiences with Mixed Use in the many talks by Danish and international experts. Relevant products offered by the many exhibitors will also be on display at Trends & Traditions on June 25, 2020.