This year’s topic is State of Health and forms the framework for the sofatalks and talks on the big stage. The focus will be how architecture, design, furniture, and technology affect people’s health now and in the future.

We spend 90% of our time in buildings, so many places are recreating nature’s elements inside to ensure a healthy lifestyle. At the same time, digitalization means that we do not have to be physically present to be social, but what are the consequences of this? And is a conflicting trend on its way?

And how does technology help us in terms of our health? There are many intelligent solutions to optimizing the operation of buildings, but can it also support a better indoor climate and not merely space optimization?

Furthermore, there will be talks that cover the following topics:

  • Nature back to work
  • Value-based technology, please
  • Circular economy
  • The future is co – or is it?